Wsmia Medical Cosmetology Chain Hospital

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Wsmia Medical Cosmetology Chain Hospital under SEKON International is a high-end and international medical cosmetology brand. Currently, the Group has several such hospitals in cities such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Zhengzhou and Urumqi.
Leveraging its advanced medical cosmetology technology of the Group and expertise of world renowned experts, Wsmia Medical Cosmetology Chain Hospital has cultivated a unique cosmetology culture which is “Open, Creative & Diversified”. Incorporating world advanced technology and oriental aesthetic standards, the hospital promises to deliver services which are targeted at beauty, vogue, professionalism and dignity.
Based on resources such as world leading experts, technology and equipment as well as cooperation with international fashion brands, the hospital transforms traditional cosmetology services into 3-dimensional customer-made services which cover cosmetology, mental adjustment, charm cultivation and taste enhancement, etc. These efforts are aimed to meet the requirements of China’s fashion-conscious women for taste and beauty.